Fencing Repair

Your Broken Fence Isn't Serving Its Purpose

Set up fence repair services in Colbert & Spokane, WA

Whether your fence was damaged due to normal wear and tear or as a result of Mother Nature, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Missing panels and broken sections reduce the security, privacy and property value that your fence would normally provide. If you need fence repair services in Colbert & Spokane, WA, turn to the pros at Meraki Construction LLC. We handle professional fence repairs for most types of fencing.

Some fencing companies will tell you that replacing your entire fence is your only option. That's just not true. You can depend on us to replace only the damaged section with matching materials so that the new section blends in seamlessly.

We handle all types of fence repairs

You can count on us for professional fence repairs when you notice your fence has...

  • Rotting posts
  • Missing panels
  • Broken chain links
  • Damaged sections

Schedule a free consultation today to determine if your fence is eligible for our fence repair service.